46 Using R with FOSS4G, in particular with GRASS Using GRASS in combination with R, the cross-platform data analysis and statistics programming environment, is often useful, starting with running R within GRASS, then encapsulating R within GRASS for standardised tasks. R contributed packages also use other FOSS4G software extensively, including GDAL, OGR, PROJ.4, Terralib, and others: * proposed topics: o Installing R for FOSS4G/GRASS - task view and packages o Spatial classes in R o GRASS6/R interface o Other FOSS4G/R interfaces (rgdal, aRT, ...) o Using the interface to do geostatistics and interpolation o Customising FOSS4G/GRASS-side scripts * teacher: o Roger Bivand FOSS4G2006 - Free And Open Source Software for Geoinformatics Workshop Session 1 Roger Bivand roger.bivand@nhh.no Roger Bivand roger.bivand@nhh.no <MaKaC.conference.ContributionType object at 0xb3de84ec> [WKS] Workshop