107 EO1 GeoBliki - OGC Sensor Web Enabled Data Node “A data publisher for community collaboration around geo-spatial data” The first instantiation of a GeoBliki is the EO-1 Sensor Web Enabled (SWE) Data Node to be part of the Open Geo-Spatial Consortium OWS-4 interoperability demonstration in December 2006 which will include more than 38 organizations. The focus is centered on a Homeland Defense scenario featuring sensors/products discovery, chem/bio detection, satellite tasking, flood/fire image processing using service chains… A GeoBliki is an Open Source Ruby-on-Rails application that integrates many other open source components including Community MapBuilder and supports many of the OGC web services: WFS, SAS, WNS, SPS, WPS... A GeoBliki is a sensor-data node publisher. Data can be published in various forms, which can be made accessible to local or remote users for free or for a fee. Users can register to existing subscriptions around areas of interest and be notified via email/IM or GeoRSS feeds when new data, comments/annotations on the existing data become available. Local users can access the data blog and/or the geo-wiki. The blog gives a chronological perspective of the data while the geo-wiki allows for hierarchical views based on user-driven topics or specific geographic features of interest. Users are encouraged to interact with the data and/or other users about the data. Chat and forums are built-in. Map/data annotations will be coming very soon. Remote users or aggregators can rely on OGC services to query the database, and even task the EO-1 satellite using the Sensor Planning Service. Identity Management becomes a must for those capabilities. Satellite tasking could be provided at no cost for emergency response teams for instance while for a fee to other users. OGC GeoDRM and license management capabilities will be quickly integrated to support these various requirements. It is envisioned, in a very near future, that GeoBliki data nodes will be part of larger clusters of consumers and providers within a federated and distributed architecture of trusted nodes using standard protocols to exchange geospatial data and build new social communities. FOSS4G2006 - Free And Open Source Software for Geoinformatics Session 2 : SDI-OGC-Security Patrice Cappelaere pat@vightel.com Patrice Cappelaere pat@vightel.com <MaKaC.conference.ContributionType object at 0xb3de84ac> OGC