151 gvSIG: What's New, What's Next This technical session will introduce and demonstrate the new functionality added for the 1.0 version of gvSIG, the open source desktop GIS, which will be released around FOSS4G. The new extensions include graphical and command-line editing tools, raster georeferencing tools and feature geoprocessing tools. The session will also describe other improvements in the customization mechanisms of gvSIG, like the capability to add tools with associated scripting. In addition, the session will present a road map for the developments that will be occuring in a one-year time frame. These include raster reprojection, raster analysis, network analysis, advanced symbology, animation, 3D visualization and SDI authoring tools. The presenters will also discuss the collaboration opportunities in the project. gvSIG is a GPL-licensed GIS project that started in 2003, promoted by the Regional Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and developed by the IVER company. In a first phase, it aimed at covering the visual analysis needs of the Ministry users, and then became a very complete SDI client with its user-friendly support of connections with standard OGC web services. In a second phase gvSIG has completed its functionality to become a powerful editor following -and in some cases improving over- both GIS and CAD editing environments with powerful capabilities such as command-line control and command history. Tools have also been added to allow common data preparation and analysis funcions such as raster georeferencing and standard feature geoprocessing operations. This new set of functions, together with improvements in the mechanisms for customization and expansion of the modular system, is released with the version 1.0 of gvSIG. gvSIG is an ambitious and well-funded project whith has attracted many contributors and now aims farther and wider than its original scope. Some of the extensions planned to be developed in this third phase include: * Raster analysis tools, ported from the SEXTANTE environment * Network creation and analysis tools * Advanced symbology and labelling * Animation and video generation * Global 3D visualization * SDI authoring tools FOSS4G2006 - Free And Open Source Software for Geoinformatics Session 7 : Desktop application Salvador Bayarri salvador.bayarri@iver.es Gabriel Carrión carrion_gab@gva.es Luis W. Sevilla sevilla_lui@gva.es Francisco José Peñarrubia fran.penarrubia@iver.es Salvador Bayarri salvador.bayarri@iver.es Luis W. Sevilla sevilla_lui@gva.es <MaKaC.conference.ContributionType object at 0xb492f0ec>