196 GeoDRM: Keeping Free and Remaining Open This presentation covers Geospatial Digital Rights Management as a conceptual framework, an array of standards, and software tools for guarding the rights of both producers and consumers of geospatial data and services. Digital Rights Management has been given something of a bad name (e.g. Digital Restriction Management) by some proprietary and burdensome control systems. In reality, GeoDRM addresses a hodgepodge of ad hoc approaches which currently exist for defining the exchange of value occurring between any users and providers of geospatial content and services, whether open or proprietary. One of the most important use cases involves assuring that free and open data in fact remain unencumbered, for example by liability or derivation claims. OGC GeoDRM initiatives have been working at an open standard framework and testing open-source tools for "DRM-enabling" OWS services. These initiatives focus on protecting the rights of users and providers alike in SDI and other service interactions instead of simply "locking down" access and assuming that users are criminals. The presentation will cover the concepts of open GeoDRM as well as tools and standards for its implementation. FOSS4G2006 - Free And Open Source Software for Geoinformatics Session 15 : Organizational empowerment through Open GIS Joshua Lieberman jlieberman@traversetechnologies.com Cristian Opincaru cristian.opincaru@unibw.de Joshua Lieberman jlieberman@traversetechnologies.com Cristian Opincaru cristian.opincaru@unibw.de SDI-SECURITY