39 ResEau RésEau is a demonstration of a new way of accessing water information from many jurisdictions across Canada. RésEau offers a vision of providing water information to Canadians in an easy, transparent way. RésEau equips you with modern search tools, interactive mapping, and downloadable applications - all accessible in one place. The ResEau website is built upon technical and architectural principles which allow for open interfaces using OGC specifications, and implemented using FOSS4G principles. This presentation will discuss implementation issues, benefits and lessons learned in combining FOSS4G and OGC. FOSS4G2006 - Free And Open Source Software for Geoinformatics Sesion 1 : SDI-USE Tom Kralidis tom.kralidis@ec.gc.ca Tom Kralidis tom.kralidis@ec.gc.ca <MaKaC.conference.ContributionType object at 0xb493216c> SDI-USE