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FOSS4G2006 - Free And Open Source Software for Geoinformatics
FOSS4G2006 - Free And Open Source Software for Geoinformatics
11-15 September 2006 Lausanne, Switzerland
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GRASS GIS Beginner's Workshop
1) GRASS GIS Beginner's Workshop:

    * teachers:
          o Otto Dassau    
          o Paolo Zatelli   
          o Stephan Holl  
          o Jachym Cepicky 

    * topics:
          o first steps with GRASS (and with Quantum GIS)
          o raster and vector data import and export
          o vector data analysis
          o raster data analysis
          o image analysis (optical - short)
          o visualization (nviz - short)
Id: 42
Place: Lausanne, Switzerland
Room: AmphipĂ´le (Pol 342/geolab)
Starting date:
12-Sep-2006   09:00
Duration: 01h30'
Contribution type: Workshop
Primary Authors: Mr. DASSAU, Otto (GDF Hannover)
Co-Authors: Mr. HOLL, Stephan (GDF Hannover)
Mr. ZATELLI, Paolo (University Trento)
Mr. CEPICKY, Jachym (University Praha)
Presenters: Mr. DASSAU, Otto
Mr. HOLL, Stephan
Mr. ZATELLI, Paolo
Mr. CEPICKY, Jachym
Material: presentation
Included in session: Workshop Session 1
Included in track: [WKS] Workshop

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