Indico User Guide


Table of Contents
1. Categories
1.1. Category
1.2. Creating a Category
1.3. Category Management Area
1.3.1. Main
1.3.2. Access Control
1.3.3. Conference Creation Tool
1.3.4. Detail Modification & Sub-Category/Event Organisation
1.3.5. Deleting a Category
2. Conferences
2.1. Conference
2.2. Creating a Conference
2.3. Setting up a Conference
2.4. Conference Management Area
2.4.1. Main Management
2.4.2. Program Management Tracks
2.4.3. Contribution Management Contributions Sub Contributions Material
2.4.4. Abstracts Management Calling for Abstracts Notification Template Abstracts Tab Abstracts Book of Abstracts
2.4.5. Timetable Management Sessions Adding Sessions and Breaks to Timetable Adding Contributions to Timetable Session Management Slots Main Tab Contributions Tab Access Control Tools Tab Adding Slots to Session Adding Contributions to Sessions
2.4.6. Access Control Management
2.4.7. Registration Management Registration Form Reason for Participation Sessions Accommodation Social Events Further Information Registrants
2.4.8. Display Management Display Menu Customisation Colour Customisation Logo Customisation
2.4.9. Conference Tools Deleting a Conference Cloning a Conference Packaging Material Create an Offline version of a Conference Alarm Control
2.5. Conference Display Area
2.5.1. Navigating the Conference Display Area
2.5.2. Overview Area
2.5.3. Calling for Abstracts Area Submitting an Abstract Viewing your abstracts Abstract Display
2.5.4. Author Index Author Display
2.5.5. Contribution Area Contribution Display Contribution Material Display
2.5.6. My Conference Area My Conference - Session Co-ordination
2.5.7. Registration Area New Registrant
2.5.8. Book of Abstracts
2.5.9. Scientific Programme Area
2.5.10. Timetable Area Session View
3. Meetings
3.1. Meeting
3.2. Creating a Meeting
3.3. Meeting Management Area
3.3.1. Main Management
3.3.2. Timetable Management Adding Contributions Adding a Session Session Management Adding Slots to Sessions Adding Contributions to Sessions/Slots Editing Slots Contribution Management Main Tab Sub Contribution Tab Access Control Tab Tools Tab Sub Contributions Material in Contributions
3.3.3. Access Control Management
3.3.4. Tools Management Deleting a Meeting Cloning a Meeting Packaging Material Create an Offline version of a Meeting Alarm Control
3.4. Meeting Management Displays
3.4.1. Material Display
3.4.2. Session Display
3.4.3. Contribution Display
3.4.4. SubContribution Display
3.5. Meeting Display Area
3.5.1. Indico Style
3.5.2. IT Style
3.5.3. Simple Text Style
3.5.4. Administrative Style
3.5.5. Compact Style
3.5.6. Parellel Style
4. Lectures
4.1. Lecture
4.2. Creating a Lecture
4.3. Lecture Management Area
4.3.1. Main Management Material
4.3.2. Access Control Management
4.3.3. Tools Management Deleting a Lecture Cloning a Lecture Packaging Material Create an Offline version of a Lecture Alarm Control
4.4. Lecture Management Displays
4.4.1. Material Display
4.5. Lecture Display Area
4.5.1. Lecture Style
4.5.2. IT Style
4.5.3. CDS Agenda Style
4.5.4. Static Style
4.5.5. Simple XML Style
4.5.6. Event Style