1.2. Contribution Management

Once in the contribution management area you can start managing your contribution using the following tabs.


This is just a quick start guide for contribution management, for an indepth explanation please see "Contributions" in the Indico User Guide, section

1.2.1. Main Tab

The main tab contains all the data about the contribution itself.

Any information, material and people within this main tab apply to the contribution in general.

1.2.2. Sub Contribution Tab

The sub contribution tab allows you to add and remove sub contributions.

Clicking on the title of a sub contribution will take you into its management area.

1.2.3. Access Control Tab

The access control tab allows you to add other contribution managers and to give permission for users to submit material for your contribution.

1.2.4. Archiving Tab

The archiving tab allows you to see the achiving status of the contribution.

1.2.5. Tools Tab

The tools tab allows you to delete the contribution, move the contribution and write minutes for the contribution.