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FOSS4G2006 - Free And Open Source Software for Geoinformatics
FOSS4G2006 - Free And Open Source Software for Geoinformatics
11-15 September 2006 Lausanne, Switzerland

About registration process.

- How can I come back again to the online payment page ?
Login and choose -Modify my registration- in menu so you can follow again the registration process.

- I did not receive any notification or confirmation email. What should i do ?
Have a look at the bottom of your mail box, perhaps did you receive the mail with the date 1.1.1970. If not please contact us.

- Can I modify my workshop wish list ?
Even if you have already payed your registration, you can change your workshop wish list and priorities. To do so, log in and choose the -Modify my registration- menu item. Make your changes and validate with the modify button at the bottom.

- I would like to pay by bank transfer, where is my invoice ?
When you confirm your registration (Confirm button), you should receive instantly a notification email titled "payment" at the end of the long subject. This mail is your invoice with details of your booking and informations on how to make a bank transfer payment (see terms and conditions document). Please don't forget to make a comment with your name and your registration number.

- I would like to pay by credit card, how should I do ?
When you confirm your registration (Confirm button), you will have a button "Submit" on the bottom of the page with the text "Pay with Postfinance yellow pay (AIT/CeTT)" follow this link and you will access to the payment page.

If you have already confirm your subscription and you would like to pay some days after, you should confirm an other time to have access to the payment page !

- Bank transfer => what about bank fees ?
If you pay by bank transfer, you have to pay the bank fees.

- Bank transfer => how do you know if I have pay ?
When you make your transfer, please add a comment with your name and registration id so we will know how pay what. As soon as we have received you payment, we will change your status into Indico.

- What is the payment date ?
The payment should be done directly after you received the registration confirmation. Your registration is validate only after the payment of the fees.

- I am a sponsor and some conference pass are included => do I need to make a registration ?
Yes, everybody who would like to come to the conference has to make a registration so we will have all information concerning the need of the person. Concerning the payment, you should select offline payment. We will send to all sponsor a mail with the detail of the financial aspects.

- I am a sponsor => what does mean "Workshop as observator" ?
That mean you are only auditor => you have access to the workshop room, but you will not have a PC to do the exercices and practices. You will just have a seat on the room to hear the workshop giver. If you would like to participate to the workshop, you will need to add to your subscription a workshop pass (CHF 100.-).

- Do you make special Student price ?
No, the price for a such 4 days conference is already very low so it is unpossible for us to make lower price. The conference pass include : Access to the Conferences and/or Workshops (3 or 4 days), Catalogue of Conferences, List of Attendees, Conference bag, FOSS4G 2006 T-Shirt, Coffee Breaks, Luncheons (3 or 4 days), Social Event (optional)). There is very low price accomodotation like Dormitories at EPFL campus for only CHF 20.- per pers.

About call for contributions.

- What do we expect ?

There is no maximum or minimum no. of words. It does not need to be very long, but should clearly explain your conference.

- How long is a presentation timeslot ?
A presentation will have a duration of 30 minutes, including questions.

- What is the difference between Abstract and Summary ?
Summary is the longer version of your abstract. Abstract should be a few sentences as summary can be a longer.

- I have submitted a presentation, can I modify it later ?
Yes you can. Use the -View my contributions- menu item when logged in. You will see your contributions, select one and choose -Modify-. Modification can be done until the abstract submission deadline.

- Will each contribution result in a presentation ?
A presentation can be :
- a 30min conference
- a 30/60min technical session (a conference with important technical considerations)
- for a BOFs session (a meeting in which a topic of specific interest is discussed)
- for the Lightning Talks (a 5min presentation on any topic of interest to FOSS4G)
- for the Demo Fest (a room with tables available for live demos with an optional poster)

Scheduling (probably) :
- Lightning Talks : during open plenary session
- Demo Fest : Tuesday evening starting at 5pm or 6pm (no PC supplied, only wifi access)
- BOFs : Wednesday evening starting at 5pm or 6pm

A contribution can also be a workshop, but submission is closed now.

- What's a 'technical session' ?
As workshop submission is closed, you can submit a Technical Session which is for conference a lot involved in technical aspects.

- Will a submission be surveyed for acceptance ?
An internationl committee will proceed to the reviewing. Its purpose is not to reject any contribution, only check the correct track assignement and sessions dispatching. If your paper is in the trend of FOSS4G be sure it is accepted.

 - Is there a reduced conference fee for speakers? 
No, the conference fees are already very low for a such 4 days conference.

- What will be the use of the abstract, will it be printed anywhere ?
All conferences contents will be published on FOSS4G2006 website, so everyone will have access to it.

- What about poster ?
Posters can be setup on Tuesday in the poster area on the dedicated wood panels with pins or tape. The maximum size of the
poster in A0 portrait (120 cm height 90 cm width). Poster presenters should also upload their poster in pdf format into the conference website.


- What is the conference language ?
English is the official speaking language for the conference.

- Is there a hotel within walking distance to the campus ?
All hotels are outside the campus (there is no hotels on the campus) and not within walking distance. You can use bus from the hotel to the conference location.

- Is it easier to rent a car coming from the airport for this conference or will most folks use taxi/bus to get from their hotels to the campus?
No, you don't need to rent a car => the easiest way is using train from the airport to Lausanne station and bus from Lausanne station to the hotel. The bus /metro is the easiest way from the hotel to the conference.


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